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Over half of all margined loans in Canada are monitored on Covarity.

Loan management software built to improve efficiency and reduce risk. With Covarity’s portfolio intelligence, financial analysis, margin analysis, and client portal, you can profitably grow your portfolio, while monitoring and managing credit risk.

Streamline Your Data Retrieval

  • Request, collect, and analyze financial information automatically.
  • Get instantaneous detailed reports per loan and of the portfolio.
  • Improve the client experience.

Get Accurate and Automatic Results

  • Automate the calculation of the borrowing base and financial covenants using data provided by your client.
  • Ensure consistent and accurate calculations across the portfolio while permitting flexibility for highly customised credit agreements.

Leverage Data to Identify and Prevent Possible Fraud

  • Use data from your borrowing base/ratio calculations to automatically identify data discrepancies

Why Covarity?

Covarity is loan management software built with you in mind. With Covarity, you can improve your loan portfolio performance, whilst minimizing and managing risk. Our team has over 20 years building loan solutions for financial institutions of all sizes.

Covarity is the tool your competitors don’t want you to have. Using the right technology is a strategic advantage that helps drive improved overall performance in an increasingly competitive market, and Covarity’s users can testify to this.

Optimize your portfolio.

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